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  • Residential Shadings

    Shadings typically are the most energy efficient product available today. There are many varieties to choose from. They may be used for light control and privacy (many of our shadings are green).


    While shades protect your rooms from light and cold or maybe a less than perfect view, wouldn’t it be nice if your window coverings could express all the shades of your personality? With Custom Drapery and Blinds they can, with bountiful choices and beautiful materials that put more than your room in a good light.


    Cellular or Honeycomb Shades are excellent for energy efficiency. They are available with standard cord pulls; cordless, top down-bottom up even may be motorized. There are several fabric, color and cell size choices from many manufacturers. Custom Cellular and Honeycomb Shades by cdabbyme.com


    Sliding window panels or panel tracking systems are sections of fabric or textured shade cloth or woven wood material that slide side to side. It is a great alternative to vertical blinds for patio doors. The product has many applications including use as room dividers. Custom gliding panels travel along a channeled track to give a unique contemporary look. The track may be covered with valances, cornices, and fascia or left plain for a truly modern look. Custom Gliding Window Panel Shades by cdabbyme.com


    Horizontal Shades are fabric vanes between two sheer panels. This product is a bit more formal than other shading products. The vanes rotate to give privacy and shade the room. While being primarily a sheer it still gives a good amount of insulation. We have a large selection of fabrics, colors and choices. Custom Horizontal Shades by cdabbyme.com


    Pleated Shades are the precursor to honeycomb shades. It is still a popular value oriented option. While they are easily cleanable, they do not afford the same amount of energy savings as honeycombs. Many manufacturers have a large selection of fabrics and options to choose from. Custom Pleated Shades by cdabbyme.com


    Roman Shades combine richness of a drapery and the functionality of a shade. Any drapery fabric may be used for custom made flat, slatted, full or hobbled styles. Some manufacturers make roman shades as well and offer an array of fabric choices. Custom Roman Shades by cdabbyme.com


    Screen Shades and designer window shades are probably the largest growth area in the window fashion arena. Choices from vinyl coated muslin cloth to grassy texture weaves. You can have blackout to sheer weaves. These shades may have decorative hems and valances or merely a fascia piece covering the roller. Custom Screen Shades by cdabbyme.com


    Woven Wood Shades are threads and yarns woven through grassy textures, reeds, bamboo and wooden slats. Popular in the 70′s these shades are making a renaissance. Today woven woods are not your mother’s woven woods. Continuous cord loop lifting systems even motorization make woven woods an exciting choice. Custom Woven Wood Shades by cdabbyme.com

  • Residential Blinds

    Our residential decorators carry all the major brands in the industry. We have all the newest trends and color selection in all product categories. By using our shop at home service, you maximize your decorating options and time because we help you make the important decisions on style and color. We take the worry out of your selections with our unmatched warranty.


    There are many types of blinds. Wood blinds or faux wood blinds are incredibly versatile and durable. Horizontal and vertical blinds are still very popular. Blinds are still the best source of light control you can buy.


    Aluminum blinds are the grandfather to all alternate window treatments. This product, as we know it, has been with us since the 1930′s. Today they come in 1/2″, 1″ 3/8″, and 2″ slat sizes. They come painted, marbleized, hammered, metallics, satins and suedes. You can have them motorized (tilt only), cordless, light blocking or light filtering. This versatile inexpensive product has a prominent place in today’s diverse window fashions. Custom Aluminum Blinds by cdabbyme.com


    Vinyl 2″ blinds are an affordable alternative to the more expensive faux wood or real wood blinds. Available in limited colors, but come in a large range of textures and patterns. These blinds have custom quality at a made to measure price.Custom Vinyl Blinds by cdabbyme.com


    Composite or Faux Wood Blinds are of a combination of wood pulp and PVC free materials. All our manufacturers guarantee against yellowing, fading and warping. These blinds have more support cords than real wood blinds and do not come in as many colors and options. They are quite a bit heavier than wood blinds. The lower price point from real wood blinds reflects the great popularity in this product. Custom Faux-Wood or Composite Blinds by cdabbyme.com


    Wood Blinds have become the main stay for many homes. The natural beauty of wood is always in style. Slat size choices include 1″, 1 3/8″, 2″, 2 1/2″, and 3″. Wood blinds come in an array of stains and paint colors. They have different textures and finishes. Some namufactures even custom stain the blinds to match whatever you want. Usually made from Basswood or North American hardwoods these blinds stay straight and usually do not warp. Multiple lifting systems, cordless and motorization is available. Custom Wood Blinds by cdabbyme.com


    Shutters are the ultimate window treatment for many people. Shutters must be thought of as purchasing quality furniture for you windows. Shutters typically are hard woods or basswood but sometimes vinyl may be used. You may have a tilt bar for rotating the louvers or upgrade to the one touch rotation, which is if you rotate one louver, all the louvers rotate. Shutters are available in many size louvers, any color or any texture. Truly a custom product which may also be motorized. Custom Shutters by cdabbyme.com


    Vertical blinds for decades were the most popular product for patio doors. Today, although there are many more choices for patio doors and large openings, vertical blinds still prove to be a value oriented great choice. These blinds come in vinyl, fabric, aluminum even real wood. They come flat, curved, embossed, crinkled even “s” shaped in hundreds of styles and colors. Custom Vertical Blinds by cdabbyme.com

  • Residential Draperies

    There’s nothing like a gorgeous set of draperies sweeping the floor to set a design tone in your home. Like wallpaper and ladylike dresses, drapes and curtains are back in a big way because of their ability to add glamour to any room, effortlessly.


    Many people feel adding drapery products make your house, a home. They soften the look of all “hard” window treatments. Draperies add both real warmth as well as aesthetic warmth. There is no better insulating product than a lined drapery.


    Draping the fabric on the floor or “puddling” the fabric with Bishop sleeves is an attractive alternative.
    Custom Bishop Sleeve Draperies by cdabbyme.com


    There are dozens of styles of draperies to choose from. Print fabrics are becoming popular again, however solids and textures still rule. Decorator rods and poles are still more popular than top treatments.
    Custom Decorator Rod by cdabbyme.com


    There’s nothing like a gorgeous set of draperies sweeping the floor to set a design tone in your home. Like wallpaper and ladylike dresses and draperies are back in a big way because of their ability to add glamour to any room, effortlessly.
    Custom Pleated Draperies by cdabbyme.com


    A contemporary or transitional look is achieved by going ceiling to floor. Go wall to wall if the window wall is large enough. Here we used a print over-drapery fabric and a seamless voile for the sheers. Most fabrics are compatible for Custom Bedspreads.
    Custom Floor to Ceiling Draperies by cdabbyme.com


    Hourglass panels for that hard to cover atrium or patio door. This treatment allows light and clear view, but still affords some privacy.
    Custom Hourglass Draperies by cdabbyme.com


    This shows the more formal look. Use a higher placed tie back to cover the vertical window mullions and finish with a swag on top.
    Custom Swag and Tiebacks by cdabbyme.com

  • Residential Top Treatments

    Every customer is different and their tastes will vary. We carry a full line of drapery fabrics styles from all the leading companies. We also offer a complete line of blinds, shades, verticals, as well as shutters. All the brands you want are available through Custom Drapery and Blinds by Michael Esch.


    Custom top treatments are the finishing touch to any decorating project. Valances, cornices, swags and cascades all can be made to your every delight.


    No top treatment is too simple or too elaborate for Custom Drapery and Blinds by Michael Esch.


    We can make top treatments for any window situation. In this case we follow the contour of the arch top windows with a constructed swag.
    Custom Arch-Top Top Treatment by cdabbyme.com


    Today’s most popular top treatment. It is a fabric stretched over a padded upholstered board. Very beautiful and very affordable.
    Custom Cornice Top Treatment by cdabbyme.com


    Swags of many styles are the most popular for that formal setting. Typically the “swoops” are drapery lined and the cascades are self lined. Trim and fringe often are added.
    Custom Formal Swag Top Treatment by cdabbyme.com


    This pole swag is a constructed swag attached to a decorator pole with velcro.
    Custom Pole Swag Top Treatment by cdabbyme.com


    Valances, either board mounted or on a rod, are coming back in style. Here is a box kick pleated valance. Clean contemporary lines.
    Custom Valances by cdabbyme.com

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